Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? People start shopping not just for back to school & college, but Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. And yes, I do know it’s way too early for some of them. But it’s up to us to have our web sites up to date and holiday posts or sales or promotions in mind.

The two biggest reasons businesses work so far ahead of major holidays are to stay ahead of competition and to be on customers’ minds when they are ready to start their holiday shopping.

It’s important to promote your products and specials far ahead of time in direct sales and online auctions, too. Payments and shipping times affect when shoppers start buying too. If customers have less time to shop, they buy less. We don’t want that do we?

Think a minimum of 3 months ahead. In August, for example, prepare your holiday blog posts for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Starting early lets us be more creative with our internet marketing.

Now let’s see what we can all do to spice up our online business marketing!

10 Holiday Promotion Tips For Your Online Business

  • Send early emails to previous customers: Start hinting about any holiday specials you’re going to be running for the next few months. Since they have already had a shopping experience with you, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again. Take the opportunity to pick up some repeat buyers before the the holiday in question.
  • Blog about gift ideas under $10 and $25: Help your readers take the guess work out of their shopping. You can be their gift idea solution! Help them find the gifts they need by putting together a list of inexpensive but desirable gift ideas (that they can buy from you) for this holiday season. Be sure to share these blog posts on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Use A Holiday #hashtag To Promote Your Specials: Try using a hashtag like, #Chrismasgifts or #holidaygiftideas . Shoppers do search their favorite social media for bargains and sales.  Keep track of all your tweets by adding yourself to the tweet with @yourusername. If you write a holiday blog post, share those blog posts using hashtags for more exposure. Lots of people, myself included, follow specific hashtags to see all tweets about a subject.
  • Promote Your Own Deal of the Day: Pick something each day and share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers. This will keep you from sending out too many emails. Keep your followers interested in what you have.  Keep adding to your followers all the time to reach more people.
  • Make A Holiday Banner Or Graphic: Display a big holiday infographic or banner across the front of your blog or web site. Take some time to create a nice holiday themed infographic for your business and display it ahead of the holiday in question to grab visitors’ attention.
  • Update Product Links And Information: This is very important because you want your visitors to find live products and current product information. Go through your blog or web site and make sure your posts have up to date product descriptions, great titles and all your links work properly (and the products are still available).
  • Use Your RSS Feed: Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed to receive your blog posts by email or to be able to read them on their own RSS feed readers, like Feedly. It’s also a good idea to submit your RSS feed to RSS feed directories for increased traffic.
  • Update Your Blog Or Web Site Policies: Have an About Me page, a privacy policy page and affiliate disclosures. You want to give your visitors confidence that they are interacting with a professional online business. If you ship products, provide information on what to expect in terms of shipment and shipping costs and what to do if a customer needs to return their purchase. Provide as much information as possible and be as clear as you can.
  • Think Of Some Unique Specials: If you can afford it, think of a unique promotion such as free shipping or a buy one get one free sale or something along those lines. Shoppers love free shipping – I know I do – and they really love it during the holiday shopping season. Your competition could be offering it so check your bottom line and see if you can do it too or come up with a different idea.
  • Enjoy Yourself:  Have some fun as you work on your online business, especially during the holidays! The holidays are meant to be full of joy, laughter and fun. Spend your planning time wisely now and you’ll be ready promote your online business with less stress and more sales this holiday season.

Got Online Business Marketing Tips?

Want to share your own online business marketing tips for getting ready for the holiday shopping season? Share them with all of us in the comment section below. Good luck and happy selling! May you have a prosperous holiday season!