If you are a freelancer, you will be well aware of the hassle of project management. It is not easy to manage various clients, employees, and projects at once. Amidst the use of spreadsheets, project updates, and the sheer amount of lists that scatter your workplace, it can become hard to sustain a freelancing business in a way that it brings value. We are here to provide you with the solution you are waiting for. With the help of free project management applications, you can easily manage your ample amount of workload in an efficient and effective manner.

5 Project Management Applications to Make Your Business Boom

1. Trello

Organizing your workload seems like a tedious task. Trello transforms this seemingly hectic task into a fun and collaborative one.

Via this application, you can easily access the required information. Different departments can upload their updates on this app for all to see. Hence, it helps save time and ensures that you and your employees are not bombarded with never-ending updates. All the team updates can now be uploaded on Trello to allow for collaborative work.

Moreover, you can add checklists, due dates, and the required attachments to your Trello board so as to organize your task and make it more coherent. To further enhance productivity, this application can be integrated with other applications actively used by your team members. This feature allows for the integration of information to make it holistic and useful.

Ensure that you never miss out on any critical updates or meetings with the sync feature of this application. With the help of Trello, collaboratively manage your workload in an efficient manner.

2. Asana

Do you wish to track the progress of a given project from its conception to its completion? Do you want to do so without having to ask for constant updates from separate individuals? If so, Asana is the tool for you.

Asana not only allows you to track various projects without the need to schedule meetings, but it also enables you and your employees to know who is responsible for a certain task. It enhances communicability and increases awareness about responsibilities.

Furthermore, to enhance creativity, Asana provides a platform for brainstorming. Now you can discuss ideas within the comfort of your home. Moreover, it allows you to customize your project and build it brick by brick by adding tasks, subtasks, attachments and due date.

When everyone knows what they are supposed to do and have a clear sense of direction, team cohesiveness is stronger, and success is bound to come knocking at your doorstep.

3. Wrike

Wrike understands the plight of running an online business and has come up with an application which allows you to manage your projects and teams with a tip of your finger.

It allows you to divide your projects into chunks, each comprising the due dates and tasks to be completed, which are easier to manage. Such a feature makes a big scary project look doable. Wrike also allows you to create and circulate online forms to your team members when the need for information arises.

With the help of Gantt charts and workload view, you can keep track of various projects and how much money and time is being invested in the said project. Such a feature helps you manage your time, budget and team simultaneously and, therefore, increases productivity.

Since it is also important to manage your work, Wrike comprises a personal dashboard which ensures that you manage your daily work without any hassle. The communication system of the application guarantees that your message reaches and is read by your targeted audience instantly.

Moreover, with the help of the live activity stream, you can now get immediate statuses about the projects even if you are on your phone via Wrike’s mobile application. Overall, this application is a wholesome solution for your problems.

4. Basecamp

Do you wish to communicate with employees all over your business with ease? If so, you will appreciate Basecamp. The makers of the Campfire app are now making their mark with their latest resource management application, Basecamp 3.

Basecamp centralizes all of your workload so that none of it gets lost in heaps of scattered notes and to-do lists. Its home screen gives you a view of everything that is happening across your organization. It provides you with a personal headquarter to work with your team and for communication and a private workspace to get your daily workload in order.

Within each headquarter, various tools are added which help Basecamp provide a wholesome experience. It includes a message board for posting updates and announcements, a Campfire chat room that allows you to mingle with your team members, a Schedule to post all the due dates, and automatic check-ins to get updates on your staff on a regular basis.

With the help of Basecamp’s discussion boards and to-dos, you don’t have to worry about constantly reminding your team members about what they have to do individually. Such features make Basecamp the perfect tool to be used for efficient management.

5. Pivotal Tracker

Teams perform better in a collaborative environment. Pivotal Tracker takes this into account and allows you to manage and collaborate with your team on a daily basis.

With the help of Pivotal Tracker, you don’t need to conduct regular status meetings and ask for updates about the progress of a given project. Now you can directly track the progress via this application. The shared backlogs of this application allow you to delegate tasks clearly to every member so as to provide clear and distinct direction to the team.

Break a big and complicated project into doable and manageable chunks with Pivotal Tracker’s planning system. Such a feature makes you manage a project well, regardless of its size. Transparency of team allows everyone to know their responsibilities and current status.

All in all, it allows you to keep tabs on your team and your work to ensure project goals are met.