Contrary to popular belief, the terms self-employed and employed are never antonyms. In today’s highly demanding economy it’s more than common to see employed people become their own bosses at the side. First off, finding a job in today’s market is hard, but it’s even more challenging to find one that inspires and excites you up in the morning.

Instead of having to put up with low paying jobs that barely make the cut, the world of freelancing has a lot to offer. So, whether you’re a designer, writer, consultant, producer or whatever field interests you, freelancing offers plenty of room for growth and improvement. If you still don’t want to let go of your current job for obvious reasons, here’s why you should start freelancing on the side.

More Learning Opportunities

Hands up if you learn anything new in your daily routine job? That’s what I thought, most of you probably repeat the same routine day in day out that it’s etched in your subconscious. Instead of running a dull, mind-numbing routine for your whole life, freelancing offers you a chance to learn and expand on your skills. For starters, you learn how to manage more funds than just your meager salary; you get to run a business and plan out your timetable. By building a freelance business on the side, you develop an array of skills that you didn’t even know were necessary.

Opportunities for Improved Careers

This benefit comes after you’ve struggled with your side hustle for a while and developed a unique set of skills. With this new skill set, you can be sure that a lot of new doors will be opened (maybe even some windows) for a career advancement. For example, many writers who have never stepped in a formal office work have gone on to be great writers, copywriting professionals and ultimately build a career from it. With nothing more than half a brain and some sort of talent, freelancing can really get those industry doors wide open.

More Job Security

Let’s face it; with the inflation, depressions and profit-driven businesses, the economy is not as robust and reliable like it used to be. In the past, your grandpa probably worked for the same company for over 50 years up till retirement. Today, very few keep a job for more than 5 years; there’s always a whole group of more qualified, more educated and more hungry people waiting to grab your position. Not to mention just how frequent and widespread the layoffs, downsizing, and retrenchments have become. If you’re fired, the worst part is usually starting over from scratch. However, a freelance side hustle gives you a safety net to fall back on. With an already established client base, all you’ll need to do is ramp up the business as full time or until you find greener pastures.

Follow your True Passion

That’s right, by doing what you love, you’ll never find a reason not to wake up early in the morning and give it your all. If you live for fashion but work in a car dealership, aren’t you leaving all kinds of talents unutilized? Freelancing allows you to do what you love and what excites you. And as we all know, turning your passion into a business is a sure way to succeed. And like any other workout, you only improve and get better by doing it more. Whether you enjoy knitting or making soapstone carvings, you can trust that your next piece will always be better than the previous one.

Additional Source of Income

Hey, who doesn’t love an additional income stream to supplement their salary? According to recent reports, some freelancers are making an average of approximately $40,000 a year; that’s more that some employed people make in two. If you want to earn a handsome amount of money, freelancing has all sorts of opportunities that can earn you extra cash. With formal employment, the advances, loans, car payments and other related expenses tend to leave workers with massive debts.

Freelancing gives you a second income stream that can be used to clear your debt without having to downgrade your standard of living. Instead of stressing that you couldn’t make your car payment, all you need to do is focus on your freelance gig and make that money. In no time, you will be making so much money that your can comfortably quit your regular job and focus on making even more money.